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Auto Transport >> Car Shipping Cartoons: March 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Military car shipping

Military car shipping means providing auto transport services to armed services or governmental personnel.We recognize that people in public service are often required to move from place to place, and where they go, so must their vehicle.

We take care of your cars which we ship when you move around
Military personnel work around the clock to protect our nation. When they have to relocate to another city they don't have to worry as how their car will reach the new destination. Regardless of the type of car they have we will take care of moving it safely and securely.

Military car shipping

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Are You Looking For Auto Trailer?

If you are interested in transport trailer, then contact all America auto transport company engaged in the activity of providing excellent car moving services to the customers required in different medium as they needed.
All sorts of Transport trailers are available and you can choose the best which fits your vehicle.
There are two truck types
1. Tractor trailers
2. Pick up trucks or hotshots.

Whether you decide to use a tractor trailer or a pick up truck, you will need to choose on what type of  transport trailer you want. If you want to protect your car from dust and weather conditions then choose enclosed carrier method. If you choose to ship your car using open trailers then there are other sorts of trailers to choose from.
Enclosed transport trailers
Enclosed car transport trailers
Pick up trucks or hotshots

Pick up trucks
Pick up trucks can be more expensive but they offer you a faster and easy time saving way navigating through your streets than a Tractor trailer. For tractor trailers you may need to meet your shipping truck driver in open parking lot to load and unload your car from the trailer
Open transport trailers

Open car transport trailers
In open trailer  method, your car may be fully or partially exposed to the elements.
Multi vehicle trailers
Multi car trailersMulti car trailers are open trailers that can carry three to ten vehicles at a time. They can offer best price but takes more time delivering your car.

Single car trailers
Single car trailers are also open trailers that are meant for quick transport of car. These are used only when the car needs to be delivered as quickly as possible. Only one car is picked up and delivered. They can be more expensive.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Use Auto Transport to Ship Your Car to Your University

Students who are moving to another city to join a college, need to take a long drive from their home and this could be tiresome and a difficult task.
Make use of our awesome transport service to having your automobile shipped to your new city or university rather driving all by yourself.

Thinking about the pain of driving alone till your college?

Vehicle moving companies like us are lifesavers when it comes to moving your automobiles. You needn't assume you are stuck driving your vehicle yourself.

Call us and we would gladly help you transport your vehicle
While you reach your college by means of flight or other transport, your car will be shipped to your destination.

Reach your university relaxing, AAAT will take car of your car

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