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Auto Transport >> Car Shipping Cartoons: December 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Measures to be taken when your vehicle is damaged

1) Most of the time you wont find any damages to your shipped car. In case you find so, follow certain steps as mentioned below.
You find your car damaged
2) First, get the drivers signature on account of the damage that you inspect
after car shipping and contact the shipping company.

Get the signatures of the driver on account of the damage
3) In case you receive a poor customer service, contact the Vehicle Transporter dispute department.
Contact Car transport company dispute department4) Still you are not satisfied? File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to solve the problem.

File complaint with the Better Business Bureau

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Advantages Of Getting Multiple Auto Shipping Quotes

Comparing multiple Auto Shipping quotes

Finally choosing the best one

Yes friends, its always better to compare multiple shipping quotes. It will help you to compare the shipping costs and services. And therefore you can choose a company that provides an excellent customer service and a one that best fits into your budget.

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A View on Queries that occur while choosing an auto transport company

Queries that occur while choosing auto transport company
Are you having such doubts? Call us immediately to get rid of the confusions and doubts. We would answer you for your queries.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Olive impressed with Popeye's decision: Maryland Car shipping

popeye living in mexico One fine day, Popeye is informed about a Car which was bought by his grandfather Poopdeck pappy when Popeye was a kid, which is now in Maryland all alone after him in his home.

pappy's dream to handover his car to popeye Pappy always used to say about this car to Popeye and asked him to take care of it after his days are gone. So Popeye made his mind to keep that car when time comes.

pappy and popeye Bluto lived in Maryland, settled there 2 years back with the aim of doing job.
Now to take care of pappy's piece of love and bring it back to keep with himself, Popeye the sailor, started to sail towards North America accompanied by his girl Olive.
Popeye reached the shores of North America and finally to Pappy's home, and looked at his piece of love (car). Beautiful Olive is noticed by Bluto and he gets mad about her.
He gathered all information about her and plans to shift Mexico for her. He tries to lure her many times showing his brand new car, and she got attracted to him finally.
Bluto impresses Olive Bluto plans to ship his Brand new car by sail.
bluto ships his car by sail Bluto flies away with Olive without the notice of Popeye.
Popeye finds Bluto Popeye finds the ship in which Bluto and Olive were sailing along with the car and follows them.
popeye chasing bluto Popeye shows Bluto his way and teaches him a nice lesson.
Popeye beats BlutoUnfortunately, the ship gets caught by the heavy wind and the ship wrecks, in which the car drowns in the sea along with Bluto. Popeye saves Olive, she confesses to him and they sail back to the shore with the life boat.

popeye saves olive Now Popeye sits back and takes time deciding how to ship car from Maryland. Suddenly his mind waved towards his best friend Wimpy. Popeye called him for help.
Popeye thinks about Wimpy Wimpy had already seen his dad shipping car through Car transporters in Colorado when he was a kid. Wimpy suggested him to book with the transport companies in Maryland to ship his car.
Wimpy suggests popeye aaat car shipping Also he asks Popeye to search online for the best shipping companies with good reputation before booking with the one.
Taking at most care for this Popeye calls the car transporter for shipping car to Mexico. He chooses the enclosed shipping in this. His car is shipped with the help of All America auto transport finally and it reached the place safe well before he sailed back to Mexico with his girl Olive.

Popeye's car shipped by enclosed auto transport They lived happily with the bond of love. Olive is impressed with Popeye's smartness in choosing the option of shipping through Auto transporters. Popeye is now one among the satisfied customers in Maryland for shipping his car safe and without any damage.
Olive impressed with Popeye's decision
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving?? Need to transfer your Vehicle?? 'All America Auto Transport' is The Best Choice

Car Shipping

Car Shipping

Why such hassles when we are there to take care of your vehicle? All America Auto Transport specializes in shipping your vehicle with fully insured, computerized vehicle tracking system for on-time door-to-door delivery. We offer competitive shipping rates, friendly customer service, and an outstanding record of  transporting car satisfaction among our Satisfied Customers.

Also visit our featured article on Green Car Technology

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