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Auto Transport >> Car Shipping Cartoons: October 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why one should go for an Auto shipping Company?

Who looks smart? Mike or John? Hmm...Of course John. But there is a difference in their way of thinking which proves that Mike is intelligent..
Mike is an ordinary clerk who works all day and night. John is the boss for Mike.

                                               Mike                             John

Surprisingly, John planned to settle in Florida. And so was thinking to ship his car with him. Mike had a transfer to Canada at the same time when John left California.

John is rather practical, but Mike is more concerned about shipping his car.
Mike calls an Auto Shipping Company. But John thinks about driving his car on his own.

Mike's car is handed over to the transport company for shipping and John rides his own car towards his destination without any hassle packing every possible thing in his car.

Unfortunately, both met with an accident.

John's car met with an accident because he was tired all the way driving by his own and sometimes got confused with the shortest route to take on, finally had to bear the damage to his car.

Unexpectedly, the truck carrying Mikes car meets with an accident due to bad weather, which usually does not happen.

John's life was endangered; luckily he escaped without any injuries. But his car got totally smashed in the accident. On the other hand, Mike is all well sitting in his home. There had not been any damage to his car as well. If any the company would take the expenses involved with the accident as he has insured his vehicle.
It's better to depend on an auto shipping company rather than using your mileage and life to ship your car.

Would you like to be as intelligent as Mike or as thoughtless as John?

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