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Monday, August 5, 2013

Auto Transport Reviews - benefits you can avail

Do you need a transport company to move your car to a new destination? Confused on how to make the right decision.   If yes then making use of transport reviews is the best way to help you find out the right choice. Transport reviews are the best platform to guide you to find the best. Here are the benefits you can avail by making use of that reviews:

Reliable judgment 

The best thing about transport reviews is that they are posted by persons who had used that service. With this you can grab the service outlook about the company. Those who have experienced the service and find it extremely satisfactory will post positive feedback and vice versa. This helps to find the right hauling service.

Helpful information 

Reviews are the best place to get valuable information about the company.  The more you spend to understand the review the more detailed information you can gather about the service. Many a time’s reviews help you to found out the service charges offered by the company to relocate your car. This will let you make the best solution that you can afford.

Saving dollars 

Most of us want to save money. If you are a bit intelligent then you can make use of transport reviews to save a fair amount while shipping your car.  There are reviews that can help you to learn couple of methods on how to save dollars with a particular shipping company.

Enormous time to make the right decision

Choosing a best service to get your car moved requires time and detailed information. Understanding the reviews can help you receive enormous time to formulate your shipping option.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Checklist for proper Insurance – Avoid being a victim

Below is a checklist to ensure that you receive proper Insurance

Get everything in writing 

Different companies offer different kind of insurance. Some of them may not include everything they say. To avoid being a victim of such companies get everything they say in written.

Get everything in writing

Check the insurance certificate of the transport company and make sure that it is up-to-date. 

Make sure that all the insurance certificate of the shipping company is up-to-date by checking it thoroughly.
Check the insurance certificate of the auto transport company

Ensure that the auto insurance covers the vehicle during loading and unloading.

Read the auto insurance provided by the companies carefully to ensure that it includes vehicle insurance coverage during loading and unloading.

Ensure that the auto insurance covers the vehicle during loading and unloading

When your car is delivered, thoroughly inspect it before signing the bill of lading.

Never sign the bill of lading without inspecting your car thoroughly at the time of delivery by the auto moving company.

 inspect it before signing the bill of lading

Do not load any personal items in your car since they are not covered for any damage or theft in transit.

None of the auto shipping insurance covers insurance for any kind of personal items that you load while you ship your car. So better avoid loading items into your car as they cannot be claimed for any damage or theft in transit.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

An insight into the major factors that determines car shipping rates

Car shipping rates are one among the major concerns of people while relocating their cars. The cost to transport a vehicle can vary depending upon many factors. Some of the main factors affecting the costs are:
Distance and Mileage – Distance plays a major role in determining cost to ship a car. The farther the distance, higher is the cost to transport.
distance and mileage

Vehicle Size and Weight – A standard factor that determines the cost of shipping a car is the type of vehicle being shipped (size and weight). Larger and heavier the vehicle being shipped, more expensive it will be to transport.
Vehicle Size and Weight
Car shipping seasons – Bad weather affects the transportation price. Depending on the car hauling season the rates also varies. Car hauling in winter season is more expensive as compared to summer seasons.  
Car shipping seasons
Shipping modes - open or enclosed type – Open system is often less expensive. If your car is shipped using enclosed trailer it ensure full protection that adds up to your travel costs.
Auto Transport modes
Vehicle condition – Based on the vehicle condition, your rates may vary. If the vehicle is inoperable then the company needs extra equipments to get the vehicle on and off the trailer. It adds to your quotes to ship car.
Vehicle condition


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anxious items that Snatch your Attention from the Track

As far as driving is concerned it requires 100% concentration furthermore it is essential that all your attention remains on the road as circumstances change every now and then. As a result, it may lead to sudden accidents and dangers thereby getting developed from them. Here, in this article you will be able to find in a few set of things that draws your attention away from the road plus one should avoid these things. Now let us see the things that snatch your attention.

Hanging Objects

Initially it starts off from the objects hanging from your interior mirror and there are several chances for your attention to be drawn away moreover it restricts your view. It might be very simple and small such as a picture hanging or even air fresheners. This is clear and you would have seen in driving classes. In general, there will be nothing hanging from the interior mirror for the reason that it may distract you and cause unnecessary blind spots.


GPS and Sat Nav

Is another imperative stuff that draws your attention away from the road. In several cases accidents tend to happen when drivers try to find a place using their sat nav on the road. If at all you want some information related to it find a safe and convenient place to pull over and do so.


Mobile Phones

cellphone-drivingΦReason for most of the accidents on the road may be due to the usage of mobile phones while driving. Making use of a mobile phone is as dangerous as using a sat nav.
ΦMoreover, driving using a mobile phone while driving is illegal if at all you get caught you could be looking at 3 points on your driving license.
ΦIn other cases there are lots of others who have caught reading a newspaper this may be an impossible task, however many of them tend to try it. It must be avoided and done at a stop and parked.

Advertisements and Banners

Many among us tend to look at the visually appealing advertisements and banners in the pathway. This should be avoided.


Engaging with the Radio or Music Systems

This is yet another task which we do when we are driving and it has known to be very dangerous while driving.  Apart from playing with the radio the loud music also distracts you from the road. Select a station before you head out and keep it at listenable volume and drive safe!



Lastly, chatting with the people who sit beside you is another thing that may distract you from driving. Arguing with the persons is even more distracting. Make a point that you keep all your attention on the road while driving and not on the person who sit beside you, no matter what the reason may be.

chatting during drivingchatting during driving

When you carry out any of the above task make sure you're stationary and parked and it will save you from accidents.


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your responsibilities while shipping your car

Relocation is one among the most tedious tasks one could ever undertake, especially when he/she owns a car. A lot of quality time and dedication needs to be spent upon planning for the relocation. On this note, only a perfect plan will help you to experience a smooth transition. However, most of us as a layman lack this expertise. Besides our world is a busy world where most of us lead a hectic life. Considering all the factors why would you want to put yourself through all the trouble of relocation?

There are several shipping companies out there waiting to serve you in the most efficient and effective manner. 

All you need to do is choose such a professional company, sit back and relax during the relocation experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a role to play in the relocation process. It doesn’t mean that you don’t share responsibilities. Here is a list of responsibilities you need to undertake while availing someone else services for relocation. 

1. The primary responsibility that you ought to take is to get involved in research work and identify a professional car shipper for your vehicle relocation requirements. There are many websites online sharing details about company’s background, their experience, customer reviews and many more. Gather all the details including transport quotes in order to narrow down on your search. 

2. Secondly, on the date of pick up and drop off, you need to be present at the site to monitor the loading and unloading. There are always last minute adjustments that need to be made and there is no other person apart from you as the owner of the vehicle than to take decisions for those adjustments. Though it may seem convenient to handle the responsibility for someone else, it is your vehicle and hence your responsibility. It is also advisable not to leave the task on someone else’s hand.   

3. Make a list of items and things left in the vehicle during shipping. Also make a list of the condition of your vehicle before shipping. 

4. It is also your responsibility to service your vehicle and leave some gas for transportation. 

Read More:


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Friday, December 30, 2011

4 ways to protect yourself from Auto Transport Fraud

There are lot of important steps need to be done before choosing a good company and also to get rid of falling as a victim for a Car Transport Fraud.

1. Visit the Transport Company

  1. No matter how much offers and discounts a transport company is giving you, be well informed about with whom you are dealing with.

  2. Always believe in what you see with your own eyes and cross check it with people who you know or can rely strongly.

  3. Try to visit the company in person and check out how many employees are there and cross check it with the details that they have furnished in their website.

  4. Visit the company
  5. Find out the customer care number of the shipping company and try to ask them few questions.

  6. See whether the employees have the patience to answer you and find their knowledge about the trade.

2. Check for DOT Registration

Check for DOT registration Φ Handling a vehicle transport business is quite a demanding business that needs a lot of commitment and responsibility as it deals with a third party’s property.

Φ Prior to booking your car for shipping, be sure that the chosen service providers have got themselves appropriately registered with the Department of Transport (DOT) as well as proper valid insurance coverage for the cars they ship.

3. Have a look on the BBB website

It hardly takes 5 minutes to check for the complaints obtained by the company in the last 36 months.
There are some companies on the BBB with "F" ratings and hundreds of complaints. Checking the BBB website will play a vital role in finding out a loyal company.

4. Have a discussion with the customers you meet on the company

Cross checking the shippers performance from a few clients who walk out of the company is really a good choice. You will never know about a company’s reputation just by browsing the net.

Am planning to ship my vehicle with the XYZ company. Can you please tell your views about the company
Sorry to say this. I was not satisfied with the services they provided and also they failed to deliver my car on time, moreover they cannot come out with a valid reason for it.

You can also visit few customer complaint sites to see if any complaints are registered against the shipping company.

As till the reviews I have heard, there are no good remarks on the company. Thank God. Discussing with XYZ company's customers made me get rid of moving out from such a company.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do's and Don'ts while shipping your car

Auto transporting is quite easy unless you find a reputed transport company. There are some things to be followed and avoided in transporting your vehicle.

Following these things makes your transportation of your car hassle free.


  • Inspect your vehicles prior to your shipping and make sure that your vehicle works properly.
  • Inspect your vehicle before and after shipping
  • Let your tire inflate to the recommended pressure for safe loading and unloading without causing damage to tires.
  • Empty the vehicle and leave out the necessary items such as spare tires or jack if allowed because the law prohibits leaving items in vehicle
  • Take off all the antennas and roof racks.
  • Disable your alarm system and remove the EZ pass device if you happen to have it in your car.
  • Do get signed in the bill of lading if you find any damage to your car after it reaches you so that you can claim the insurance amount.


  • Don’t fill your fuel tank full, have less than half of it.
  • Don’t keep any extra items in your car because it may become heavier and also the transportation cost may get high.
  • Don’t forget to get the documents of current conditions of your car.
  • Don’t forget to verify the condition of the car when you received and also, don’t accept the delivery during night times.
  • Check for damages while receiving the car
  • Don’t keep any important papers and documents in the vehicle.
  • Don’t keep any liquid items such as brake fluids as this may fall on the car and cause some damages.


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